Satanist Ballet

Part of Unauthorised Autobiography, performed at the Titties B Gone fundraiser. 

Sissy Slut @ Steakhouse Live

My performance as part of Steakhouse Live: Tenderloin. Thanks for having me!

Cunnilingus Splashback (AKA Johanne Hauge) offers a specialised domination experience which includes corporal punishment, orgasm denial, hypnosis and a proper slap in the face of femmephobia. You will want to be the girl character. The girl character is the best character.

Unauthorised Autobiography trailer

Footage from my work in progress showings at Camden People's Theatre and Peopling the Palace(s). Footage at 00:21 and02:25 from Clare Nolan's excellent Peopling the Palace(s) film:

Monkey business at ]PS[

Footage from an early embodiment of monkey, unfortunately cut short before things got really good, apparently I danced in some guy's face.

What You Will

The video misses out the bit where I explain that I have asked my facebook friends to tell me what to wear (a tutu, nipple tassels and a cape made out of salmon skin and the ears of my enemies) and what music to use (viking songs, the sounds of silence, banjos upon banjos). Thanks for filming it, Rachel! <3

Puberty dream times performance 22/1/15